What is a Doula?

September 19, 2011

What is a Doula, and is hiring a Doula right for you?

A Doula is often trained but since they do not perform clinical duties suck as heart rate checks, vaginal exams or give medical advice it is not required. Their basic duties are to guide expectant, laboring and nursing mothers through their experience with an aspect of care that was traditionally practiced in midwifery. Doula’s rely on techniques such as; massage, aromatherapy, visualization, positive positioning, emotional support, encouragement, and nurturing to help women through labor. A Doula can provide a variety of care options, and their level of care is discussed between the doula and the family, as expected rates range dependent on the level of support. Some of the duties that may be provided are as follows: infant care, new mother skills and newborn education, breastfeeding support and education,  guiding you through the challenges, and helping you discover your abilities as parents, hands-on baby care, household organization,  screen for hurdles such as breastfeeding issues and postpartum mood disorders.

The average price of a Doula is $300 – $1000 dependent on the level of experience and duties required. Most offer a free consultation, so the very best way to see if a Doula is right for you, is to visit one and see, remember to prepare any questions you may have ahead of time! Good Luck!

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