First Day of School!

August 30, 2011

Is your child starting elementary or preschool for the very first time? Worried about how they will react? Here are some tips to help make the day go smoothly should things go a stray!

1) Try and point out another child yours might know through church, other activities or sports. By seeing someone they know they will feel more comfortable being without you. If there is no one there that they would know…try to introduce your child to some other children in the classroom!

2) Once you are in there, don’t remove your child if they are upset…this will only set you backwards…instead talk with them about their feelings, keep smiling and stay positive

3) Take the teachers lead…in most cases they have dealt with this many times, and they will instruct you to leave…it may be hard…but typically the child will stop crying if there is no one to cry to…and once they see all the fun they are going to have…they become distracted and move on.

4) Don’t try to sneak out while your child is busy with an activity…they need to know you are leaving and that this is a normal and safe part of the school experience.

5) Don’t ask if it is OK to leave…you are the adult…and you must set the boundaries and rules.

6) Don’t make promises or bribe your child…this can encourage poor behavior.

Good luck and have a fantastic first day of school!


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