Preparing for the Beach!

August 19, 2011

Here in Vancouver, with regards to the weather, you have to get while the getting is good. One thing I have done to make the most of every beach day is to have pre-packed beach bag or basket…with all the bells and whistles, I either keep it in my trunk during the summer, or in the mud room by the door!  Here are some tips to make the most of your beach day too!
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Have your beach bag or basket packed with all the Beach day essential items:
-Giant Beach towels (at least one for each person but 2 each is good too)
-beach toys (like shovels, pail’s, sifter’s and rake’s)
-Balls (soccer, or football or beach whichever you prefer)

Usually I put the beach toys in one basket and all the clothing, sunscreen, towels etc…in a bag…I leave these items packed always…when I get home from the beach I simply trade out the wet or dirty items for fresh clean one’s so that it is locked and loaded for our next beach adventure!

Once you decide to go to the beach, grab the beach bag, pack some snacks and GO!!! Happy Beach Day! Next post…Beach Safety!


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