Cloth Diapers…Whats the Poop?

August 17, 2011

Well this was a biggie…a huge debate still wages for the discussion of cloth vs disposable…on the one hand, there are concerns for the environment and the other are concerns for the health of baby.

Cloth diapers report to be good for the environment and free from toxins such as dioxin (a by product of bleach which causes central nervous, kidney and liver damage). Of course they also promise to keep extra waste out of the landfills…but is this still an eco friendly option?

A recent 4 year study found that electricity and greenhouse gases used to wash and dry the cloth diapers was equally damaging to the environment as the disposable diapers were to the landfill…but many say this is hard to believe.

What is the bottom line?

Dr. Cara Natterson, a graduate of Harvard, a pediatrician and mother of 2 says, “From a health standpoint, there is very little difference between disposable and cloth diapers: Both are safe. The real issue here is one of environmental impact. Some diaper manufacturers have produced “hybrid” diapers that have a reusable exterior shell and a disposable core. The idea here is to reduce the burden on our landfills while maintaining the convenience of being disposable.”


The jury is still out on this debate…but I find it hard not to believe that cloth is better for the environment…I think the best thing to do is make the decision that feels right to you!

Psst, not that we’ve made a choice either way, but check out these adorable cloth diapers we’ve found…they sure are cute!

Find these diaperson etsy or check out Honeyburn profile HERE


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