DIY Create a Bear Tea Party!

July 27, 2011

Some years ago when my daughter was turning 3 or 4 I wanted so badly to have a “build a bear” party…when I priced it out and realized it would cost upwards of $100 per child…I about died! Considering she and her friends were so young, I figured they wouldn’t notice if I planned my own “create a bear” party…so I did, and this is how:

1. I purchased the cutest Teddy Bears I could find from Walmart…each bear cost me approx $5. Make sure you find a bear that is one solid piece…i.e. where the legs and arms are not separately stuffed pieces that are attached, but instead a bear that is sewn in one complete stuff able section…

2. Once I got all 10 of them home…I took a seam ripper and un-stitched their backs about 2 – 3 inches…being careful to clip the threads only once…and to un pull the seam so I could tie off the threads of the open area so it wouldn’t further untangle later down the road. I left the fluff in their heads and removed only the body, arms and legs fluff

3. I gathered all the stuffing in a big wicker laundry basket and put it aside

4. I printed “bear”th Certificates up…I used the program Publisher and found a certificate i liked the design of, and then made up names for all of the bears… Thomas, James, Peppermint etc…the birth date was the date of the party of course…and I even went so far as writing each bears likes and dislikes…they were really cute! I put each certificate into a plastic sheet protector and then lined them up on a table with each of the bears!

5. I got really lucky and had also found some teddy bear clothes on discount at a children clothing store…they had tried to make a matching teddy bear line of clothing so that a child’s bear could dress up like the child…I suppose it did not take off because I found them marked down to 75% off! They were under $5 with taxes for each outfit! So I bought up the 10 cutest outfits I could find, and they were cute…

6. I also found some large heart shaped crystals at the dollar store…they were about the size of a grape, I bought a bag of 10 for a dollar…so we had those aside too.

7. When it was time for the party, the kids picked their bear and “Bear”th Certificate, and we grabbed the fluff from the wicker laundry basket and stuffed the bears! We made sure to get the children to hug them and ensure their hugability…Once they were done we took a large crystal heart and each child kissed the heart to bring the bear to life, we placed the heart in the cavity of the bear along with the stuffing and then I sewed it shut! Each child then got to pick and outfit and dress their bear! After wards we had a Teddy bear tea party complete with Iced tea, finger sandwiches and birthday cake of course! I grabbed some eclectic pieces of china from the local thrift store, lace table cloths and set up an elegant Tea Party. A great time was had by all and the kids got to take home their very own teddy bear as the favor! All for around $10 per child!

Photo Credit ~ On to Baby

Try it yourself…Happy Planning!


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