Themed Birthday Party Idea’s

July 13, 2011

Today’s Theme – Movie Theater Party at home!

Last year for my Daughters Birthday she wanted to take her friends to a movie…well at $25 per child we thought the price was a bit excessive…I have a very strict $200 budget for Birthday parties…I just don’t see why they have to be more than that! So we told her she could have 5 kids out to the theater (cause we still needed to pay for goody bags and her gift within that budget) or have as many kids as she wanted at home! She opted to have the party at home! Now I did not take any professional images of the party…but I will describe some things and find some similar images for your viewing pleasure!

The invitations were made to look like movie stubs and the movie was “How to Train Your Dragon!”…here is the actual invitation I made in publisher, when the kids arrived we took our single hole puncher and punched a hole in their tickets as they entered the “theater”, they also received 3 small tickets for the “concession stand” for hot dogs, pop and popcorn:

We have a real popcorn machine already so we just purchased some authentic popcorn bags for the concession stand…

We got some real posters from our local movie theater (for free) and plastered them all over the house and then blacked out the family room (the theater) with black and red sheets (black to black out and red to look like stage curtains)…sorry no image available

Instead of a cake I made cupcakes! We just purchased the supplies for around $10 and made our own…we printed the cupcake sleeves off on the computer and then just made cupcakes, iced them and put the mini marshmallows on top to look like popcorn…it was VERY easy!

photo credit ~ Kelly’s Cupcakery

We also had a candy table! (not quite as elaborate as this one)

Photo Credit ~ Amy Atlas

And for favors I found little bean bag dragons at the dollar store, found mini galvanized buckets and used 2 extra small storage crates (turned on top of one another) to make a cage…each child brought home their own dragon in a cage, with candy fish in the galvanized bucket for feeding!

A great time was had by all!


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